Bible Builders Starts on August 25

Do you know how many books are in the Bible?  Do you know how many books are in the Old Testament?  Do you know in which book you could find the story of Noah, of Abraham, of Joseph?  Bible Builders will be learning these and many more interesting things from their Bibles.  Some weeks they will make and eat related treats.  Some weeks they will make take-home crafts.  Prizes will be available to those who memorize the books of the Bible or verses from the Bible.

Bible Builders will start August 25 at 10:00 (during morning worship) in Room B.  Bible Builders will meet every Sunday except they will follow Jefferson County School Calendar.  That means they will NOT meet:

  • on the Sundays preceding or following Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring breaks
  • on Sundays of the three-day weekends

Looking forward to seeing all those interested young readers starting on Sunday, August 25 in Room B.