Tentative Coffee and Chat Schedule for Spring 2018

Coffee & Chat will begin 2018 with a continuation of Great Figures of the New
Testament by Professor Amy-Jill Levine. Prof. Levine brings a dynamic and
entertaining perspective to specific characters in the New Testament: who
they are, what they do, and how they have been assessed across the centuries
by historians, artists, theologians, and worshipers. We will also have a special
6-week Lenten Series which will complement our worship during Lent.
Below is the tentative schedule for the first half of 2018.
Please consider joining us for Coffee & Chat in the parlor at 9:00 a.m. each
Tentative Coffee and Chat Schedule for Spring 2018:
2-18 Canoeing the Mountains – Tod Bolsinger – Understanding
Uncharted Territory
2-25 Canoeing the Mountains – The On-the- Map Skill Set
3-4 Canoeing the Mountains – Leading Off the Map
3-11 Canoeing the Mountains – Relationships and Resistance
3-18 Canoeing the Mountains – Transformation
3-25 Canoeing the Mountains – Reflections
4-1 Easter – No Class
4-8 The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son – Levine
4-15 The Samaritan Woman – Levine
4-22 Mary Magdalene – Levine
4-29 Pharisees and Sadducees – Levine
5-6 The Herodians – Levine
5-13 Judas Iscariot – Levine
5-20 Pontius Pilate – Levine
5-27 Memorial Day Weekend – No Class
6-3 Summer Vacation