Fellowship Opportunities

For more information call the Church or email office@arvada-pres.com

A-Men Breakfast Fellowship     First Saturday, 8:00 AM

PrimeTimers     First Wednesday, 11:30 AM

Maintainers     Second Saturday, 8:30 AM

Glad Tidings Assembly Crew     Please check calendar for date

Faithful Readers Book Club    Fourth Thursday, 9:30 AM

Mission Meal Preparation     Please check calendar for date

SOS (Sisters of Service)     Fourth Saturday, 11:30 AM

TLC (Tears, Laughs, Cares)     Second Monday, 1:30 PM

Presbyterian Women

Circles (usually) meet at these days and times in the Parlor

Elizabeth Circle     Third Thursday, 12:30 PM

Priscilla Circle     Third Monday, 1:00 PM

Rebekah Circle     Third Tuesday, 9:30 PM